Jumat, 4 Sya'ban 1439 / 20 April 2018

Jumat, 4 Sya'ban 1439 / 20 April 2018



Credit for education must not create NPL: Darmin

Darmin reminds that this type of credit gives rise to several cases of NPL.


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Credit for education must not create NPL: Darmin

Darmin reminds that this type of credit gives rise to several cases of NPL.

46 minutes ago

Islam In Archipelago

Ustaz Abdul Somad asks people to not get provoked by hoax

Ustaz Abdul Somad reminds there is a big risk faced by people who believed in hoax.

at Thursday, 19 April 2018, 21:31

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Govt launches apartment of 0 down payment housing scheme

Zero percent down-payment housing scheme program is one of the key campaign promises by Anies and his Deputy Governor Sandiaga Uno.

at Friday, 19 January 2018, 02:10

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Ciletuh officially declared as UNESCO Global Geopark

Rinjani geopark earns the same recognition as Ciletuh geopark by UNESCO.

at Monday, 16 April 2018, 16:27


Mr President, your decision is very impressive!

The decision of President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) to join the Friday prayer together with the Aksi Damai 212’s...

at Monday, 05 December 2016, 14:59


UN Human Rights Commissioner highlights Rohingya crisis

Acts of genocide and ethnic cleansing may have occurred in Rohingya, he says.

at Monday, 05 February 2018, 19:22

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Pakistan and Indonesia friendship

Pakistan and Indonesia bilateral relations go back even before independence.

at Wednesday, 24 January 2018, 22:18

National Politics

Jakarta police arrest 180 sellers of bootleg liquor in raid

The police raid 147 locations within the Jakarta Police's territory.

1 hours ago

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Pertamina chief executive replaced

Pertamina shareholders name Nicke Widyawati as caretaker.

2 hours ago

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Only 5 Palembang LRT stations will be ready for Asian Games

The LRT project in Palembang will be completed by the year-end.

2 hours ago

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PKS believes Prabowo's electability can compete Jokowi

Prabowo's electability is still below Jokowi.

3 hours ago

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Democratic Party asks KPK to finish three big cases

Democratic Party denies alleged involvement in Bank Century bailout case.

3 hours ago

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Mahfud, Jimly potential running mate for Jokowi: Pollster

Mahfud and Jimly are more acceptable to NU and Muhammadiyah, the pollster says.

4 hours ago

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No ambition to become president: Mahfud MD

Mahfud says it does not mean he is not ready to be a president.

15 hours ago

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Jakarta, Casablanca to strengthen relations

Jakarta and Casablanca have business opportunities to offer to their businessmen.

16 hours ago

National Politics

Indonesian military orders submarines from South Korea

The second submarine to be delivered on April 25.

17 hours ago

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Gerindra seeks to meet requirements for presidential bid

Gerindra needs 39 more seats to be able to nominate a presidential candidate.

18 hours ago

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Export of Muslim apparel expected to increase by 10 percent

Govt encourages Muslim fashion industrialists, designers to penetrate export markets.

21 hours ago

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Govt to shut down remaining 43 red light districts

Indonesia to be free from red light districts by next year.

22 hours ago

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Indonesian army evacuate 13 teachers from Aroanop

Five other teachers cannot join the evacuation process because of bad weather.

23 hours ago

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TNI takes back Aroanop, Papua from armed criminal groups

Two armed criminal groups control Aoranop after being pushed back by TNI from Banti.

23 hours ago


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